Marchioni Trophy

Meeting generates passion.

This philosophy is the basis of the “Corno d’epoca”.
This event started in 1991 as a combined trial for historic cars and ski; on the bends of our valleys and on the snow-covered trails of Corno alle Scale, pilots and skiers fought to win the “Marchioni trophy”.
In the first edition a sudden snow storm forced the participants to a real rally on the snow; the Montecarlo rally exalted everyone.
In the following years, Corno alle Scale was kind with the people attending the race; word of its reputation reach Hilzingen in Germany; the local Porsche Club chose our race for a motor twinship; the result of this strong relation is the twinship between our municipality and Hilzingen. The last edition brought to Italy 150 historic and new Porsche (three 959 ran through the bends of Rio Rì). Our hope is that this race may go on for many years ahead giving satisfaction to all those, like us, love historic cars and our mountains.

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